Luxury Hotelschool Paris: An International Hotel Management Institution Synonymous With Luxury, Royalty, And Style

By Arnaud Bouvier, Founder
Arnaud Bouvier,Founder

Arnaud Bouvier


Bearing a rich history of aristocracy, France is known for the luxurious and spectacular hospitality it offers, which is often considered to be a landmark for regal as well as outstanding standard of living by the world and an impeccable factor for the hospitality domain. Situated in the heart of France, in Paris, the Luxury Hotelschool has emerged as an international hotel management institution synonymous with luxury, royalty, and style. Dedicated to luxury, the Luxury Hotelschool is a family institution founded 30 years ago as a devoted international institute of luxury hotel management and the family history dates back to 1887 when young Charles Bouvier joined the International Wagon-Lits train company and later became in charge of the banquets served aboard the French presidential train.

The Luxury Hotelschool is now run by Arnaud Bouvier, his great-grandson, as the 4th generation involved in the luxury hospitality industry. Setting up its very upscale boulevard Haussmann campus in the 8th arrondissement of Paris to offer its students an authentic Parisian experience, the school was voted Best Management School for Luxury Hospitality by LuxLife magazine in 2021, in particular for its in-depth expertise in the field of luxury and nurturing an ongoing commitment to promote excellence and innovation.

Synchronized With the Tradition of The French Hotel Industry
Equipped with specialists who have worked in the hotel industry, the faculties of the Luxury Hotelschool are passionate about training the next generation of industry stalwarts by teaching them about management, leadership, strategy, marketing, finance, and more. Offering Bachelor and Master degrees in luxury hotel management along with a level-5 diploma in collaboration with EHL (Lausanne) at present, both recognized in France and internationally, the Luxury
Hotelschool thus masters the know-how and tradition of the French hotel industry associated with international management to train young leaders in the luxury hotel industry. "As we specialize in offering ultra-luxury management programs, the decor of our school had to be luxurious, so that our students learn to experience luxury during their study too.

The `Luxury experience' is a program encouraging students to experience the distinctiveness of Michelin star restaurants starting from the first year of their admission, but also the magical experience of staying in a top-luxury hotel in Paris ­ an activity known as `A Night at The Palace', to help them analyze the experience of luxury while being guests in the most beautiful establishments. Along with teaching our students the ethics and basics of management studies, we also teach them the codes of luxury to carve them become ambassador specialists of top luxury. Throughout their studies, we equip them with top-notch competencies sought after by the recruiters all around the world," shares Arnaud Bouvier, President of the Luxury Hotelschool.

“Along with teaching our students the ethics and basics of management studies, we also teach them the codes of luxury to carve them become ambassador specialists of top luxury”

Owing to the school's partnerships with some of the most renowned hotels and the major international hotel chains including the Ritz, Crillon, Bristol, Dorchester, ShangriLa, Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton and InterContinental, the Luxury Hotelschool offers a program that is unique in the world. Along with the partnership with Lausanne, several British universities in the UK, and Cornell University in the United States, the school enables students to understand the nuances of luxury at a global level. "Lausanne is the worldwide leader in Hospitality Management, it was very naturally that we joined forces with them. At the same time, we wanted to teach International Management, invented by the Anglo-Saxon world, thus our alliances with British universities.

Our partnership with eCornell, the online teaching platform of Cornell University, allows our
students also follow two modules on revenue management and asset management, two disciplines that have been invented in the United States. Our collaboration with these premium global institutions has benefitted us a lot in terms of gaining international standard of education and exposing our students to a versatile and advanced international curriculum of learning," avers Arnaud Bouvier.

Creating A Colossal Impact On the Hospitality Industry
Taking the plunge into digitization, the Luxury Hotelschool has adopted technologically advanced teaching methodologies across its curriculum to maintain the satisfaction of its students, both in terms of academic and personal experience, especially during lockdown. A small institution with less than 300 students, the Luxury Hotelschool has managed to create a colossal impact on the hospitality industry by introducing benevolence as an imperative essence of the luxury industry. "Our new online Bachelor in luxury Hotel Management is a management training program recognized in France and focused on people-oriented management.

It includes subjects such as management and leadership, strategy, project management, and event management, along with various other practical management subjects to help students and hoteliers take their career in the direction of management. This is a synchronous online program with live interactions, discussions, roleplay and group work on Zoom. Supported by an online learning platform, these video sessions bring the academic experience of the Luxury Hotelschool to our student's homes. We believe online teaching to be the future of education but with a preference for live interaction.", signs off Arnaud Bouvier.

Arnaud Bouvier, Founder
President From the family of the Founders, Arnaud Bouvier has been President and lecturer at ESH in Paris and London since 2002. He teaches Leadership in the Master program in partnership with London South Bank University, Management, Accounting and Research Methods.
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