Dr. N. Vijaya Bhaskar Choudary,Secretary and Correspondent

Dr. N. Vijaya Bhaskar Choudary

Secretary and Correspondent

Mathematics connects the dots of science for the invention of new technologies and there are free thinkers, who have the brainstorming capability of harnessing the power of this language in Science for fabricating extraordinary technologies. These frenzied 'free thinkers' with proper education and guidance can qualify themselves to those elite fabricators group, who are also known as 'Engineers'. One such guidance provider is Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science (MITS), grooming engineering creative thinkers for the last 18 years. Ever since its establishment in 1998 in the charismatic silhouette of Horsley Hills, in the hilly regions of Madanapalle, Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, MITS is imparting undergraduate and post graduate engineering courses across various disciplines. Adding essence to their regular curriculum, the pedagogical structure of MITS touched new horizon when it included 'Design Thinking' of Standard School, Inter-Disciplinary Projects, Engineering Projects in Community Services (EPICS) of Purdue University. Enriched faculties, who are from top-notch institutions like IIT, IIIT, NIT, IISc, render this technical tutelage in MITS. They have the innovative capabilities of amplifying and designing an empirical mind set in the students through experiential, methodological and project oriented teaching. "The introduction of these courses has certainly directed the students' impetus towards innovations, fostering the art of research based learning with a plethora of knowledge from other disciplines. Moreover, our multidisciplinary learning approach has welcomed the students to participate in the self and interdisciplinary research projects, while the EPICS of Purdue University academic framework has enabled them to contribute innovative solutions to community through their technical know-hows," says Dr. N. Vijaya Bhaskar Choudary, Secretary and Correspondent of MITS. There is a famous
saying personifying the engineers by Theodore von Karman, a Hungarian-American mathematician, physicist and an aerospace engineer. In his quote, he says that engineers are the architects who design never-seen-before technologies. This is achievable only when engineers are futuristic giving importance to research and development (R&D). The same reason has accredited the students of MITS, who have successfully completed projects in roof top agriculture, rain water harvesting and smart irrigation. MITS played its part in these projects by contributing to R&D section through, 'Students High Active Research Project' - financial aid, SHARP research scholarship. The saga of service of the students of MITS, is reaching out the society through the framework of EPICS- Engineering Projects in Community Service of Purdue University ­USA, and providing solutions to many community problems. Their innovative contribution in transforming the youth is being disseminated throughout Andhra Pradesh.

Pragmatic Provision
Meanwhile, experiential learning is only achievable when students are exposed to industrial trainings. So, MITS has taken the initiative of making internship programs mandatory from the second year of its engineering curriculum. Explaining the internship opportunities that MITS offers, Dr. Choudary says, "Our curriculum consists an incredible Full Semester Internship (FSI) program, during which students go for industrial trainings on a period of 4 to 5 months in domestic as well as foreign industries and institutions. We entered into MoU with as many as 72 companies for allocating enough internship and industrial training opportunities and in turn giving students a first-hand experience in filling their academic & industrial knowledge gap, and also enhancing the employability of the intake."

Today, the entire globe's focus is India, as we have the majority workforce dominated by the youth, which subsequently contributing to an unprecedented industrial growth and also the global economy. Relating this fact, MITS has upgraded its education system and now they administer the students in polishing their expertise in Scale Agile Framework and Amazon Web Services by means of their skill development centres. Furthermore, to take the employability rate at a 'never-touched-before-dimension', "MITS has welcomed Internationalization in its vicinity.
The very inception of an office of 'International Relations' is to nurture the students to the global expectations. MoUs with foreign Universities in Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Germany are providing international exposure and also first ­hand experience of their work culture is ensuring their global immersion, which would have a great impact on the quality of life," says Dr. Choudary. In support of their internationalization movement, MITS have also signed to meet their students' exchange agenda and also quenches the thirst for higher education too. As a part of their elective course, they have also granted provision for Global Immersion Certification Programs among their students.

Besides offering placements, MITS encourages their students to own start-ups. They introduced Entrepreneurship Development Cell in 2010 for catering entrepreneurs' mind-frame in students. "We invite eminent personnel from start-ups and banks to interact and empower students with an understanding of self-owned firm and its culture by sharing their experience of success and failures. They motivate the students to grow as an entrepreneur and to launch new ventures. They are successful in igniting the dream of start-ups through their stories of potential businesses," claims Dr. Choudary, the Visionary. He also adds, "University Innovation Fellowship Program of d.school-Stanford University USA is grooming the students' de-signing, entrepreneurial and leadership skills. The Change maker Cohort conduct the d.challenge workshops in the guidance Stanford University and provide the first-hand experience in innovation, creativity, prototype and testing. Peer Learning is the most operative way in inspiring and motivating the students."

Dr. N. Vijaya Bhaskar Choudary, Secretary and Correspondent
A PhD holder from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapur, Dr. Choudary is an educationist and a visionary with pragmatic ideology. He believes that educating the young generations is his holy commission, and it should be carried out with all the earnestness, dedication and determination. In 2008, he received of Paul Harris Award from Rotary Club, Madanapalle, for the contribution to the society. He has presented various papers in National and International Management Conferences in India and abroad. He has also widely travelled across Asia, Europe and Africa and studied various education systems.
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