University of the Year - 2018

Imagine a room has an integrative volume, which increases exponentially every time a teacher or a scholar enters and supporting the room are its pillars of knowledge that the teachers bring to keep the ceiling from falling. Relating this virtual room to the empty space of our mind, we can proudly say that throughout our university life teachers decorate this space by inculcating proper professional knowledge and ideologies. Henceforth, we make our living by basking the teachings that we receive. It is the traditional and conventional way of imparting education since the ‘gurukul’ days; it is always the gathering of ‘gurus’ (teachers) under the same shade to guide the students towards the students’ desired goals. If we look towards the prime definition of the term ‘University’, we get its origination from the Latin phrase ‘Universitas Magistrorum at Scholarium’, which abruptly means ‘a gathering of scholars or teachers.’ This gathering of teachers and scholars has made the...

University of the Year - 2018
Engineering College of the Year - 2018




Pragyan International University Booty More, Ranchi Providing students the opportunity to acquire skills, knowledge and attitude for a rewarding career, the university has various career oriented programs. They are imparting knowledge and competencies in students based on wellness, yoga, spirituality, heritage and peace and making students trustworthy, innovative and accountable in their respective fields.
REVA University Yelahanka, Bangalore The belief of holistic development drives the university in providing the students with well planned and designed 24 full-time post graduate programs, 5 part-time post graduate programs, 21 graduate programs and several certificate and post graduate diploma programs in engineering, architecture, science & technology, commerce, management studies, law, arts & humanities and performing arts. Furthermore, the university gives the opportunity of research and doctoral degree in all branches.
Seacom Skills University Bolpur, West Bengal Developing practical skills by offering engineering and technical education which is industry oriented, the university is improving the society through education which is embedded with employable skills.
Xavier University Bhubaneswar Bhubaneswar, Orissa Providing high quality education to the students all over the all, the university is determined to build a sustainable society through its pedagogical structure.