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President & CEO

In a developing country like India, millions of people suffer from unavoidable health issues on a daily basis. The healthcare sector, however, lacks qualified professional and there is a wide disparity in health status of poor and the fortunate class of people. These inequalities and growing demand for skilled professionals prompted the Seventh Day Adventist Mission to conceptualize METAS Adventist College in 2007. Initially, the institute was started with a General Nursing and Midwifery programme and since then, there was no looking back.

The institute earned its name in no time and trained students from almost every part of the country. Addressing the growing enrollment of the students every year, the institute later pressed on to offer courses like Post Basic B. Sc Nursing, B. Sc Nursing, Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery including General Nursing and midwifery. “In this fast changing world, being competent and adaptable has become an obvious point while entering into the professional spectrum. We are seamlessly determined to improve and increase pre placement activities to bridge the gap that exists between the recruiters and fresh professionals at the time of the recruitment process,” says Pr. Cornelius Murmu, Executive Vice President, METAS Adventist College.
While students tend to compare and examine the placement percentage among different colleges before taking admission, colleges are stressing to bring ace organizations during the campus placement period.This placement procedure, however, can be strenuous experience if the students are not thoroughly prepared and competent to face the recruitment process confidently. Keeping this in mind, the METAS Adventist College is nurturing the students’ right from the day-one by training them rigorously on aspects like facing interviews, group discussions, professional resume writing, arranging technical talks, English classes for non-English medium students and organizing workshops and seminars.

Expediting and improving the placement procedure, the institute has maintained tie-ups with not only the major private hospitals, but also with established Government hospitals, viz. Rejendra Institute of Medical Sciences, Sadar Hospital, Ranchi and Central Institute of Psychiatry. These collaborations further ensure the students meet and achieve their desire goal. “We have a record of providing 100 percent placement to the students and our recruiter includes Bhanwan Mahavir Medical Hospital, Alam Hospital and Fortis Research Center, Sentivita Hospital, Orchid Hospital and Research Centre and so on,” claims Pr. Cornelius Murmu. The established reputation and standard of the institute emphasize the industry to recruit students of the METAS Adventist College even before completion of their courses.

A Knowledge Repository
“Our library has over 4000 books on nursing along with national
and international journals. Hence, the students are bound to visit the library periodically and gain knowledge in their respective subjects, owing to the compulsory visit feature of the institute,” mentions Pr. Cornelius Murmu. Located in the most popular city of Jharkhand state, Ranchi, the METAS Adventist College has an extensive campus with all the required and necessary facilities.

For any educational institution, the faculty members play a very crucial role, where they provide their sole attention to improve the teaching learning process and support the young minds. In METAS Adventist College, maximum number of teachers stays in the college campus, which further felicitates the students to avail their regular guidance during anytime of the day. The college also holds a great sense of pride in regards to its 28 faculty members who are highly qualified and passionate and have been recognized for their consistent works in national and international journals.

The thrust for developing the quality of education and persistence in performance, have led all the members of the institute to strive for excellence in the area of nursing education. The institute believes in doing rather than dreaming and aspires to reach the heights of success where it will be recognized as a premiere platform that offers excellent learning culture. "We have already received the letter of intent from the State Government of Jharkhand to start Ranchi METAS Adventist University, resulting which the METAS Adventist College will soon turn into "Ranchi METAS Adventist University", concludes Pr. Cornelius Murmu.
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