Dr. Indira. S.,Principal

Dr. Indira. S.


The founder of Asia’s largest educational conglomerate Narayana Group of Educational Institutions, Dr. Ponguru Narayana is an eminent name in the history of education. Ranging from residential schools to professional colleges and coaching centers, Dr. Narayana has left no section untouched in the arena of academics. Initiated in 1979, today, Dr. Narayana has turned Narayana Group of Educational Institutions into an epitome of ultimate destination for students across the world.

Each institution under the shield of Narayana Group of Educational Institutions has embossed a distinct niche in their respective area. The organization has established institutions under its name in field like Medical, Dental, Physiotherapy, Engineering, ITI, I.A.S Academy, B.Ed and so on.

Started with merely 40 B.Sc nursing students, today, the institution is welcoming 270 students per year in varied courses. The courses offered in the institutions covers almost everything from B.Sc degree to Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing and Post Basic Diploma Courses to Diploma in General nursing and Midwifery. Following the syllabus of Indian Nursing Council (INC), the institution has designed several co-curricular activities apart from the regular curriculum.

For instance, students are involved to participate in programs like Enrichment and Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) on topics viz. Robotic nursing, Uterine Transplantation, Schema Therapy and hosted International and National Conferences and so on, where both the teachers and students are provided insights on trending subjects in the industry. “The credit of our student’s success to a great extent goes to the talented faculty members we have. They abide by to guide the students and evaluate them with the OSPE process, i.e. Objective Structured Practical Evaluation,” says Dr. Indira. S., Principal, Narayana College of Nursing.

The Narayana College of Nursing has been awarded as “Best Nursing College in A.P by Worldwide Achievers in the year 2015.
Narayana College of Nursing is well known for quality education for the bright future of the students. The Narayana College of Nursing bands university ranks every year in streams of B.Sc (N) & M.Sc (N) etc. The College also aims to improve the personality development of the students by conducting various academic events like Quiz, Panel Discussions, Debate, and Brain Storming Sessions and to improve sportive spirit by participating in the various games.

"Started with merely 40 B.Sc nursing students, today, the Narayana College of Nursing is welcoming 270 students per year in varied courses"

Injecting Research in Nursing Education
Gone are days when education used to be a monotonous process. In the present moment, irrespective of any field, the learners prefer understanding the subject matter with an in-depth observation of the concepts. Research in nursing is not old and is a recent phenomenon, not much institution has adopted research study in their course-curriculum.

The institute focuses to conduct research on the intangible diseases the modern lifestyle has introduced. Recently, a research was conducted on “Hypertension among the Adults in coastal and non coastal areas of Nellore” this study was conducted in 10 coastal and 10 non coastal remote villages with 5000 samples in order to discover the percentage of people suffering from the disease within the region. After this research, the District Medical Officer of the region took the matter into consideration and started to provide free medicines to people around.

Moreover, in 2012, the institution established its own journal named 'Narayana Nursing Journal' (ISSN: 2278-5361, with Scope med membership) where authors from the industry are urged to disseminate their knowledge and ideas in form of research articles among the nursing community worldwide.

Exemplary Placement and Campus
Among a total number of graduated students, maximum aspirants covet to earn job in clinical firms and well-known hospitals. Given the central role of students in the entire process of pursuing a degree, the significance of a desirable studying environment and facilities along with an assurance of placement opportunities becomes a basic requirement for
the students. Narayana College of Nursing hereof is standing tall among other institutes and offering unbeatable campus placement facilities.

“Annually we welcome students from all over the country with open arms, upholding the belief that global perspective enriches the experience of each student and helps to foster a varied learning environment,” opines Dr. Indira. A campus, where a mini India resides enshrines all sorts of facilities a nursing student crave for. The students get access to Narayana Medical College hospital, which is a 2000 bedded hospital having 11 Super specialty10 broad specialty sections and critical care units with specialty wise amidst it. They get to perform and experience hands on training since their joining of the institution to getting placed.

"We assume that doing is better than listening. The mystic element in our students getting an extraordinary placement rate is the clinical experience and induction they receive from the very first day in Narayana," claims Dr. In-dira. When the entire nursing community in the country is somewhere facing the dearth of employability, students of Narayana is given the assurance of 100 percent placements. Today, the alumni of the institution are scattered all over the world including Canada, USA, and Australia and so on.

Taking advantage of the parent hospital on the campus, most of the students get the space of being placed in those hospitals way before receiving their graduation certificate. Right from multi-specialties hospitals to private organiza-tions and nursing colleges, the students of Narayana receives the supreme priority. "Aspiring to add more milestones to the name of Narayana, we have decided to start the PhD program in our institution and have accordingly applied for the accreditation. Once all the inspection and approval are done, in no time we will start inviting candidates for the same," concludes Dr. Indira.

Dr. Indira. S., Principal
Dr. Indira. S. is the Principal of Narayana College of Nursing. She has 15 years of clinical and 18 years of teaching experience. She is also the editor-in chief of Narayana Nursing College. Till now, her research publication has been published in 87 National and International Journals.
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