Revnath Choure College: Going The Extra Mile To Ensure The Success Of Their Students

By Dr. Sanjay Choure, Principal
Dr. Sanjay Choure,Principal

Dr. Sanjay Choure


Revnath Choure College (RCC) is a pioneering educational institution that was established in 2009 by Swargiya Revnath Choure memorial trust Nagpur in the memory of eminent social worker late Shri Revnath Choure who was a minister in Govt of MP. He worked for the upliftment of poor and the development of the downtrodden society. He was the President award winner and titled as “Krishi Pandit” by President of India. Keeping his philosophy of work RCC was established in Saoner (Borujwada) which is a small town of Nagpur district of Maharashtra with a vision to provide quality and affordable education to the rural youth to make them employ-able and responsible citizens who can be a crucial part in the nation building process.

The transformative learning experiences at Revnath Choure College Nagpur are designed to help their students grow both in and out of the classroom. Staying true to their core values, RCC reflects the vibrant energy of the area that they are located in and their passionate and skilled team members are here to help students become successful professionals who can make a name for themselves in their respective industries. Also, at a time when management education is still prioritizing on theory RCC is taking a different approach and is focusing more on practical training and experiential learning.

Making NoCompromises on Quality
While talking more about the institute and how they are nurturing their students, Dr. Sanjay Choure who is the Principal of the institute says, "We, at RCC, are committed to making the institute a center of excellence for learning in areas of
higher education and carrying out research, consultancy, and training to fulfill the needs and expectations of students, parents, business, government, and the society at large. We would do this with a high degree of social sensitivity through innovation and by continual nurturing talent and building a learning environment to promote creativity and leadership.

We are helping our students to be equipped with the needed skills required to thrive in the modern world. Our students take part in regular project works which helps them to get firsthand industry experience and this coupled with internships helps them to be better prepared for the industry. Our vision is to provide better education for students who are coming from rural areas and we want to empower these students and make them competent to work even in the most demanding jobs. Our alumni are now working across the globe for top-tier companies and apart from that, many have started their own successful business ventures as well. All these showcases the quality of the education we provide".

“Staying true to their core values, RCC reflects the vibrant energy of the area that they are located in and their passionate and skilled team members are here to help students”

"We have our own curriculum and we have kept it skill based which is better suited to make the students more industry ready. We have various tie-ups for multiple certification courses that make our students more employable. Our students are able to use these certification courses to gain an edge over the rest of the industry. Apart from this, we have various MOUs with foreign educational institutions as well as market leading companies such as CISCO and Raymond. These partnerships are used for the training as well as intern-ships and placement of our students. Owing to all these, our students are getting absorbed into companies like TCS, Tech-Mahindra, and HDFC Bank to mention a few. Leveraging the various industry tie-ups we have, our students are taking part in
various research activities solving various issues that companies face nowadays as well", adds, Dr. Sanjay Choure when asked about how RCC is ensuring that their students gain an edge over their peers.

An Inclusive Learning Environment
RCC also acknowledges the fact that top-notch infrastructure is crucial to impart world-class education. And to ensure that their students have the perfect learning environment, RCC has made sure that they have the best infrastructural amenities and learning circumstance that is helping their students to thrive. Also, apart from just focusing on the curricular activities, RCC is aiming for the holistic development of their students through a 360-degree approach. Stu-dents at RCC, have plenty of opportunities to take part in a plethora of co-curricular activities and showcase their talent. All this ensures that, the students at RCC are equipped to lead a successful life both at the personal and professional front.

All of the faculty at RCC have the needed qualifications as well immense teaching expertise. And there are some faculties who are still working in the industry and apart from that RCC has various faculties who have presented their research papers in various journals. Owing to the partnership that the institute has with various IIMS, their students as well as faculty are able to visit IIM campuses and learn and improve themselves. Evolving with the changing times, RCC has high hopes for the future and the institute is currently preparing for the NAAC accreditation process. Apart from that, RCC also has plans to come up with more industry-centric programs so that their students can be better prepared to meet the demands of the ever-changing corporate realm.

Dr. Sanjay Choure, Principal
This pioneering educator has been guiding students for more than two decades now. And he has been helping students to realize their true potential by coming up with innovative teaching pedagogies.
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