SKD University: Empowering Youth by Fostering Culture of Skill-based Education

By Babulal Juneja, President
SKD University: Empowering Youth by Fostering Culture of Skill-based Education
Babulal Juneja,President

Babulal Juneja


Shri Khushal Das University (SKDU), established in 2018 by Guru Gobind Singh Charitable Trust, Hanumangarh, has emerged as a trailblazing institution in the realm of higher education. Recognized by the University Grants Commission and approved by the Government of Rajasthan, SKDU utilizes the recommendations of the National Education Policy (NEP-2020), to revolutionize the educational landscape.

Visionary Ideals Guiding SKDU's Path
Guided by International Experts in various fields from nations like US, UK, Canada and a few more, SKDU envisions a realm of new-age higher education that transcends traditional boundaries and delivers beyond expectations. Fuelled by the essence of the National Education Policy (NEP), SKDU stands as a beacon of innovation driven curriculum design where each curriculum breathes life into the principles of creativity and critical thinking.

With a harmonious blend of modern methodologies and timeless values, SKDU propels students towards the digital age with integrity and empathy at its core. As students engage with diverse courses across faculties, they are immersed in an environment that nurtures not just academic excellence, but also holistic growth. In essence, SKDU envisions a future where education isn't just a pursuit, but a transformative journey sculpted by innovation, integrity, and global readiness.

Varun Yadav, Vice-Chairperson

Encouraging Emerging Talents
SKDU presents an opportunity to unleash one's potential by embracing a dynamic curriculum aligned with the National Education Policy-2020. Over 200 valued elective courses offered by various faculties provide solid foundation in order to build characteristics like creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities in each student.

"SKDU’s intrinsic aim is to create outstanding individuals in all domains. Its world-class faculty and infrastructural assets ensure fulfillment of our mission and deliver best. The result is phenomenal and SKDU proudly boasts its truly valued standing in the field of Higher Education.

One of our MSc-Zoology (Batch-2023) students Pooja qualified CSIR-UGC JRF NET with exemplary All India Rank-22 putting us directly in the bracket of various institutions of eminence and top NIRF rank holding institutions. Another beacon of excellence was our proud law alumnus Moonak Garg who cracked 43rd Rank in Punjab Judicial Services-2023.

Our BPES student Nimisha placed us on cloud nine by securing a GOLD Medal in the long jump apart from our M.A.-History student Ram Singh Padhiyar who secured 3rd position in the High Jump sport held at Para Asian Games-2023 Hangxu, China.

On similar grounds, our BA and MA-Yoga students Anuj Kalera, Kavita Suthar, Alpna, Ajeet Sekho, Harpreet Singh, Saleem Mohammed, Rahul Sevta, Jaswant, Maya, Alka Godara, Ankit Kukna, Kiran, Arjun Arya, Abhishek Godara have brought Internationaland National Medals
in various games for us and have secured spots in International Indian Teams".

Cultivating Soft Skills
SKDU places a strong emphasis on holistic education that leads towards academic excellence. The institution deeply values the importance of soft skills, multilingual proficiency, digital literacy, and leadership skills. This has prompted SKDU to ask its students conclude their each course by presenting outcomes in the form of a Power Point presentation. By creating a stress-free environment, SKDU ensures that its students are well-prepared for success in a globalized world.

A Hub of Excellence
Nestled in a verdant campus, SKDU offers a conducive environment for growth. With state-of-the-art facilities for sports and cutting-edge laboratories, the university encourages hands-on learning and research. It's a nurturing space where passions are explored, academics are excelled in, and the pursuit of knowledge does not find boundaries.

Krishna Yadav, Vice-President

In a landscape where education is evolving, the University stands at the forefront of change. By embracing the principles and fostering innovation, the institution is not just imparting knowledge, but shaping future leaders equipped to navigate a dynamic world. Join SKDU and be part of the revolutionizing transformation of education.

Nurturing Agricultural Excellence
At SKDU's Agriculture Faculty, one can pursue a variety of agricultural and environmental science programs, including B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture, integrated B.Sc. - A.B.M. program, B.Voc. Agriculture, D.Voc Agriculture, MBA Agriculture, and M.Sc. Agriculture with various specializations such as Agricultural Economics, Plant Pathology, Agro-meteorology and many more.

Dinesh Juneja, Chairperson

Rooted in the heartland of agricultural province, Agriculture education flourishes as a bastion of comprehensive student growth. SKDU’s agriculture programs are meticulously curated to resonate with the aspirations of the agricultural realm, alongside pivotal research and development domains. The faculty is based on well-equipped laboratories, an enriching library, and a committed fleet of teachers cum researchers capable to provide personalized expert guidance.

Practical immersion lies at the core, with students actively participating in live projects on SKDU's agricultural research farms, gleaning hands-on insights into the field. Graduates emerge primed to tackle diverse roles, from steering dairy effluent schemes to implementing water management strategies. Beyond the fields, SKDU’s agriculture graduates find their footing in NGOs, catalyzing transformative projects.

As the agricultural narrative evolves, SKDU cultivates adept professionals who can plan, supervise, and manage dairy effluent schemes, irrigation systems, drainage, and flood control mechanisms. They are equipped to conduct environmental impact assessments, interpret research
findings, and apply relevant practices, illuminating a sustainable path forward for the sector.

Taking a New Age Approach to Learning
The university also offers activity clubs like Entrepreneurship Club, Cultural Club, Hospitality Club, and many more. In addition to traditional programs, new-age courses include BS in Fire & Safety, Clinical Psychology, Forensic Science, and Hotel Management, as well as B.Voc. programs, BBA in Digital Marketing and Sports Management, and advanced technology courses like B.Tech.-CS with allied specializations.

Moreover, students can pursue programs in law (B.A.- LL.B., B.Com.-LL.B., B.B.A.-LL.B.), Agri Business Management (M.A.B.M.), pharmaceutical studies (B.Pharm), physiotherapy (B.P.T.), nursing (G.N.M.), hotel management (B.H.M.C.T.), library and information sciences (M.LIS & B.LIS), physical education (M.P.E.S. & B.P.E.S.), Advanced Yoga Practices and Therapeutic Techniques.

According to Babulal Juneja, President of SKDU’s sponsoring body Guru Gobind Singh Charitable Trust, “Today’s youth need job-oriented skills to turn them into job providers rather than job seekers. Hence SKDU’s focus has been tailored on skills development through which it is possible to create a self-reliant Bharat.”

”SKDU presents an opportunity to unleash one's potential by embracing a dynamic curriculum aligned with the National Education Policy-2020”

Krishna Yadav, Vice-President of Guru Gobind Singh Charitable Trust, emphasizes the importance of holistic education that goes beyond class rooms including passion for sports, music, and other interests actually helping students handle academic pressure more effectively. SKDU is designed to meet the needs of today’s students seeking interdisciplinary skills.

Dinesh Juneja, Chancellor of SKDU mentions, “SKDU is committed to provide quality education and infuse innovation at large. Timely adoption of the NEP-2020 is actually making it possible at SKDU like a multidisciplinary center of higher education.”

Varun Yadav, Pro Chancellor shares, “Change is the law of nature and each SKDUian is trained to absorb creativity and empowerment as necessary tools to excel in life. Hence SKDU pertains capacity to convert Young India as Champions of Change with capacities to address future challenges to contribute to the betterment of society”.

Prof. (Dr.) Vaibhav Shrivastava, Vice-Chancellor (Officia.) & Pro Vice-Chancellor of SKD University says, “SKDU’s advantage over others is not only limited to whopping list of more than 200 electives offered by our faculty members, world-class infrastructure and many more features as dictated earlier in this article rather it is spanned over providing natural habitat based bio diversified campus having more than 35 breeds of cows, horses, guinea fouls, mountain rats, rabbits, swans etc living on campus together.

We live here right in the middle of ideal pollution-free atmosphere to stretch our physical and mental capacities in order to deliver best”.

Overall, Shri Khushal Das University has emerged as pioneering institution that is able to promote innovation, interdisciplinary education and holistic development. It’s not just a mainstream university; it is a transformative journey of self-empowerment and enlightenment to recognize real goals of life.
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