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MSRIT: Creating Real world Problem Solvers

Real workers are problem solvers. They are given tools only to supplement their knowledge to solve the problems. The vast majority of graduates from India may not be able to solve any real world problems according to the recent National Employability Report. However, not all institutes are willing to bow down to the overarching present scenario. MSRIT (M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology) is one of them. "MSRIT is recession resistant" claims the principal of MSRIT, Dr. S.Y Kulkarni. The institute has been hitting the 100 percent placement mark for many years with a staggering 142 companies visiting the institute for campus recruitment this year alone. These 142 companies include all the major names in the industry such as Adobe, Accenture, Amazon, Biocon, Cisco, Citi group, Cognizant,...

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