Top 10 Promising Six Sigma Training Institutes - 2018

A large number of companies and government organizations today use Six Sigma and the professionals are in search of certified Six Sigma Yellow belts, Green belts and Black belts. In fact, the organizations that are striving for quality improvement in their processes have implemented these concepts, since Motorola gave birth to Six Sigma in the late 1980s. It is all about cost reduction and increased profits. A Six Sigma certified professional is a very knowledgeable in reducing costs, increasing revenue, improving quality and processes and gaining employee buy-in.  

Six Sigma certification indicates companies not only that the candidates understand Six Sigma, but also that they are committed and motivated. Depending on the level of certification that a candidate posses and the experience he/she has in participating in or leading Six Sigma projects, aspirants could obtain a job in operations, manufacturing, information technology, quality assurance, and more. For graduates who are looking for an entry to the industry, Six Sigma certification is an added advantage, as hiring managers at companies that have implemented Six Sigma know the value of certification. However, getting a good Six Sigma Certificate is not an easy deal. There are many players in the market who provide low cost training and certification programs, which will not help the candidates to gain the necessary skills needed by the employers.  

To help the students and working professional who are looking for an apt Six Sigma training partner, we have come up with a list of ‘10 Best Six Sigma Institutes 2018.’ Now, the institutes that we have covered under the title ‘10 Best Six Sigma Institutes 2018’ would make the process of certification more reliable by providing a perfect training. Our expert panel and researchers, with a humble intention of simplifying your struggle, while haunting for an apt Six Sigma Training institute, have brought the list to you. We hope this effort will help you in coming to a conclusion if you are struggling to find the right institute.

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AADS Education Hyderabad, Telangana An institute with rich global experience in education, online media and IT services offering job oriented trainings, short term and long term professional training in various fields.
Beyond Z Bengaluru, Karnataka A management consulting firm specializing in business execution excellence with a focus on improving productivity and profitability for our clients.
Blue Ocean Academy Bengaluru, Karnataka A new era niche skill training institute committed to excellence under the management of experienced experts to create enthusiastic and brilliant professionals.
Henry Harvin Education Noida, Uttar Pradesh A distinguished organization offering focused learning solutions to cater to diverse audience from industry and academics to create a generation of leading professionals.
iACT Global Noida, Uttar Pradesh A quality institute offering certification and training services to individuals and companies across the globe to help professionals acquire skills in areas such as six sigma, sales, finance, supply chain and so on.
IIBM Institute of Business Management New Delhi, Delhi An institute providing industry oriented certification programs in management delivering high quality education to its students providing a broader exposure to move ahead in their career through additional management skill acquisition.
Omnex Chennai, Tamil Nadu An international organization specializing in management system solutions to elevate the quality by providing consulting and training services in quality, environmental, health and safety standards-based management systems.
Qualicon Consultancy Jaipur, Rajasthan A provider of business excellence and organizational growth related Consultancy, Training, Statistical Analysis, Third Party Inspection, Compliance, Auditing and Supply Chain Improvement services, Qualicon has helped more than 500 organizations ranging from Fortune-500 companies to small-scale enterprises.
Qualimations Ernakulam, Kerala A leading organization training in six sigma to mould high standard professionals by providing an indepth knowledge about the industry needs.
Six Sigma Quality International Mumbai, Maharashtra One of the pioneers in initiating a Six Sigma training institute in India, SIX SIGMA Quality International has been instrumental in training a mammoth number of professionals across the world by offering its courses both in online and classroom mode in a cost-effective manner.