Roshni Javiad,Success Coach

Roshni Javiad

Success Coach

In this increasingly globalized world, English has emerged as a powerful tool for opening the door to matchless opportunities. In fact, a good command of the English language grants the individuals a sense of confidence to survive in any part of the globe. However, because of the fact that English is not a mother language of the country, where people of the multi-lingual community stay together, they lack a fluency, which often leads to failure in getting a decent job, admission in reputed colleges and so on. Aspiring to bring a noticeable ‘change' in the country by challenging the conventional and traditional system of language training and skilling, Roshni Javiad, a Success Coach, came up with the Change Institutes International.

Roshni opines, "Recruiters and business giants today believe that well-rounded and highly developed soft skills are invaluable to business success. The idea behind the establishment of the Change Institute was to help the young as well as the experienced workforce of the country to achieve the highest standard of skills."
The institute conducts an array of courses on Personality Development, Soft skills, Integrated courses, Public Speaking, Effective communication to proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL and Pearson Test of English. Roshni adds, "Our English courses are classified into different levels according to ‘English Language Teaching’ from A1 to C5, assisting the learners to follow a systematic approach and proceed from basic to advanced level. From improving their grammar to instilling in them necessary skills, we ensure they gain a productive experience at the Change Institutes".

"Change Institutes International conducts an array of courses on Personality Development, Soft skills, Integrated courses, Public Speaking, Effective communication to proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL and Pearson Test of English"

Given the continuous effort of the dedicated team of trainers who are immensely passionate and experienced in terms of qualification and expertise, the institute achieved the All India Excellence Award. The institute also lays substantial focus on creating small groups or batches, which enables the learners to get a personalized education and lets the trainers maintain the quality. "Around 85 percent of our learners are professionals occupying every level of hierarchy and the other 15 percent consists of students coming from different states," shares Roshni.

The institute also offers soft skills
classes focusing on the elements of training that require changes in ‘Behavior & Thinking’. Roshni adds, “Organizations today recognize the strong relationship between the soft skills of their employees & effective customer relationships. Combining Business Communication, Body Language, Mock Interviews, Personality Development and Interpersonal Skills, our learners can discover the effect of an astonishing transformation of their way to interact with colleagues, executives, clients and suppliers.”

Having an impressive presence in the industry, the institute is quite popular in the corporate circle and conducts mass training with several organizations. "Recently we completed a project with Shahi Exports and a couple of Software organizations in HSR, Bangalore. We are extremely happy on witnessing the increment in the number of enrollments with each passing year," proudly says Roshni. When it comes to making sure that the trainers are in tune with the recent trends of the market, Roshni takes the onus on herself to regularly organize trainer observation sessions. Strongly abide by to bring a change in the learners’ language - from an average speaker to an excellent communicator - the institute envisions to intensifying the number of Courses in Coaching and Mentoring, Career counseling, Cross Culture Communication and many more, in the coming future. Roshni is also proud to announce the introduction of online courses from November first week.
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