Dr. Anita Purohit,Founder
It was the May month of 1995, when then a Physics Professor of Mumbai University, Dr. Anita Purohit, a PhD holder in Nuclear Physics, took the plunge to initiate a language training institute named Purohit Academy, which will be responsible for offering quality and comprehensive training in multiple foreign languages and expose the people to different languages. "Being in the teaching profession, out of curiosity, I had enrolled in an Italian language training course at Mumbai University. This is where my journey of falling in love with foreign languages started. Later, I also went on to learn Chinese and Thai," recalled Dr. Anita. Given the sheer dedication and grit of Dr. Anita in imparting a training, which will ensure the learners to earn a precise clarity and understanding of the concerned language, Purohit Academy today prides on possessing a niche place in the language training industry.

"Over the years, Purohit Academy has trained the employees of software companies such as TCS, PCS, Tata InfoTech and Datamatics in various languages"

Upholding the reputation and years of experience in the training sector, the institute conducts training in a wide range of languages viz. Thai, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, Urdu, and Persian. "The specialty of our training is that we follow an explicit step by step module, where the learners are provided enough room to comprehend the language deeply and clearly along with the backup of exhaustive study materials which are been gathered from India and abroad," shares Dr. Anita. The highly qualified and experienced trainers of the institute make it a point to reach out to each student on an individual basis and meet their needs with utmost sincerity. Apart from
foreign language, the institute also extends training in local languages (primarily Hindi & English) to foreigners who are employed in Indian firms.

"On the other hand, Purohit Academy is also known widely as a prominent and pioneering organization in the arena of counseling and coaching for study abroad. Hence, foreign languages training and study abroad counseling are like the two sides of the coin for our institute. We emphasize to render our best service both to the aspirants of overseas education and language learning," pinpoints Dr. Anita. Right from visa guidance, pre-requisite for admissions and statement of purpose (SOP) to the short-listing, pre-application procedure and financial guidance, the institute takes care of every details and formality that a student with foreign education dream is expected to complete before embarking on the overseas educational life. GRE, GMAT, SAT1, TOFEL, IELTS, PTE are some of the studies abroad prerequisite courses that the institute offers, which comprise of a thorough two months coaching including theory sessions and computer-based training. Gautam Shenoy, who prepared for GRE at Purohit academy, says, “The difference between the other academics out there and Purohit's is that each individual involved. I would say, it has been wonderful experience for me and I am indebted to Mrs. Purohit for the amount of interest she has taken in helping me to envisage my dream and make it happen.”

Bringing Dreams to Life

The institute hosts a variety of learners when it comes to language learning, including housewives, college students, professionals, business people and many more. "I also render our training to the employees from various corporate ensuring their seamless transition into foreign cultures. Teaching students the cultural heritage of a particular place along with the language is what makes us unique in the market," claims Dr. Anita. Over the years, the institute has trained the employees of software companies such as TCS, PCS, Tata InfoTech and Datamatics in various languages. The institute however before enrolling any
students counsels them and only after understanding their aspirations, allows attending the classes.

Dr. Anita mentions, "In a month, we do not enroll more than 15 students. This greatly helps us in maintaining the quality of the training and the student-teacher ratio. The contentment and satisfaction of our students by the end of the course is what matters the most to us as a training provider." Students of Purohit Academy from time to time get the opportunity to attend classes delivered by international faculty members who hold the ultimate expertise in foreign languages. The trainers adopt audio/video seminars and FAQ sessions in micro groups as part of their training. Deepanshu Bura, who learned Thai Language at Purohit academy, says, “The pace of the course was moulded as per my learning requirement. It varied from slow in the initial phase to moderate in the final phase. Course curriculum was well designed and the reference book used was of high quality. I am extremely thankful to the institute and I would highly recommend the name to anyone who is willing to learn basics of Thai language in Mumbai.”

Additionally, to focus on making the teaching-learning process more interesting, songs are used, enabling the learners to understand a language in the most effective manner. "Although we abide by to follow our own curriculum in 3 levels while teaching language, we also prioritize need-based and result-oriented training at Purohit Academy," opines Dr. Anita. Through its robust and holistic language training programmes, the institute till date has successfully assisted several prominent companies such as L&T, Datamatics and Siemens to outsource their translation requirements.

The institute's unparallel services since its inception, both in language training and study abroad counseling, has enabled it to build the futures of hundreds of brilliant students, who are currently enrolled in the best universities and corporate entities both in India and abroad. "Staying firm on the mission- ‘Perfection is our aim; competition is our criterion', in coming years, we envision setting our organization in the USA too and cater to a large number of aspirants," concludes Dr. Anita.
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