Michael Anil Betha,Director

Often regarded as a precious asset, knowing a foreign language has be-come imperative in today's increasingly integrated global economy. From employers to premiere educational institutions around the world, individuals who are fluent in a second language, considering the growing importance and impact of advanced foreign language skills in one's personality, confidence and professional endeavors are given the first priority. Started out as a small coaching center in 2004 for spreading the awareness regard-ing the benefits of learning a foreign language, Institute of Foreign Languages (Academie De Langues Etrangeres, Vizag), the only institute in India which is a non-European member of European Union In-stitutions, over the years has turned into an elite language training center in Visakhapatnam. Founded by
Late Rev. Sr. Fernande Marie, currently, the institute is growing by leaps and bound under the supervision of Michael Anil Betha, the Director of the institute.

Backed by a team of highly qualified and proficient trainers, the institute offers training in four languages, namely French, German, Spanish and Japanese, categorized into different levels. "We welcome students from all walks of life at our institute. Understanding the varied need and reason of learning a foreign language, we have not kept any age bar or criteria as such. Anyone who has the urge to learn can walk into our institute," shares Michael Anil Betha. The institute presently is imparting training in two sections, viz. children section where classes are conducted from 3 pm to 5 pm and adult section, where classes are held from 5 pm to 7 pm in the evening. The students are delivered training in a very personalized manner, making sure each of them develops the skills and fluency in the language by the end of their respective courses.

"Students, who are weak or are found unable to clear the examinations, are provided extra classes by our trainers and monitored thoroughly until they are able to match up with the concerned level. We assure our students are instilled with all the skills which are considered as
essential in language learning," claims Michael Anil Betha. The institute also puts great emphasis on ensuring that the trainers are up to the mark, for which the trainers are first asked to serve as interns for a stipulated time, where they are allowed to take classes of only children section. However, eventually after accumulating the desired capabilities and confidence, they are enabled to teach the elder section students. "We never compromise on anything when it comes to sustaining the institute's quality. As we believe that our student's success is parallel to the institute's success," opines Michael Anil Betha.

Abide by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) international standards; the Institute administers a unique evaluation system, where students are encouraged to go through two to three examinations, viva, one oral interview and an assignment/project before handing them over the final certification. &The motto of the institute is Knowledge-Wisdom-Vision through global communication. Staying true and firm to our goals of promoting the language diversity and addressing the needs of educa-tional and business communities, we envision initiating Graduate and Post Graduate programmes in next couple of years," concludes Michael Anil Betha.
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