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November - 2017 Special issue

Raman Balakrishnan

One Window Overseas Education: To Make the Right Decision at the Right Time

As the name suggests, One Window Overseas Education located in Hyderabad offers one-stop-solutions for all the overseas educational needs.

Overseas Consultancy of the Year - 2017

HER Team Overseas Consultancy of the Year- 2017
By HER Team
Each year, Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings, Times Higher Education rankings and the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) by Shanghai Jiao Tong University remind the...  more >>

HER Team Prem N Kapur Associates: To Explore Endless Educational Opportunities
By HER Team
Perhaps, the early 1980s was not a high time to start an overseas consultancy in India. Unlike today, studying abroad was not a middleclass aspiration and hence, the number of students migrating...  more >>

HER Team Imperial Overseas Education Consultants: One-Stop Solution for Overseas Education
By HER Team
In 2009, Imperial Overseas Education Consultants was a small office in Santacruz, Mumbai, doing some marketing activities for colleges in the UK to Indian students.  more >>

HER Team Future Abroad: Where the Dreams are Materialized
By HER Team
Hailing from a small town in Rajasthan, Kapil Fenin had a dream that was not common among his childhood friends – he wanted to do his higher education abroad.  more >>

HER Team Manchester International Educational Consultancy: Celebrating Two Decades of Dedicated Services in Overseas Education
By HER Team
Going abroad for higher education is a once in a lifetime experience, which makes it imperative for the aspirants to seek the service of the country's best abroad education consultants.  more >>

HER Team Abacus Overseas Education Advisors: Optimizing the International Study Options
By HER Team
A renowned overseas consultancy located in the city of Hyderabad, Abacus Overseas Education Advisors is the brainchild of the professionals who worked in the education industry for more than nine...  more >>

HER Team Overseas Education World: Finding Cost - Effective Quality Destinations for Medical Aspirants
By HER Team
Getting an admission for MBBS is one of the toughest deals in India. Every year, close to seven lakhs students appear for medical entrance exams with a hope of securing one of the 25, 000 seats...  more >>

HER Team Estero New Zealand: The Gateway to New Zealand Education
By HER Team
In the recent past, New Zealand has emerged as an important landmark in the international student mobility map.  more >>

HER Team Rao Overseas Consultancy: To Fly Beyond the Home Shores
By HER Team
There is definitely a difference in the quality of education offered by India's premier educational institutions and the international institutions of repute.  more >>

HER Team Study Smart: Delivering Unparalleled Services in Overseas Education
By HER Team
Like many under-graduates in the country, Harsh Malik was oblivious about his career choices.  more >>

HER Team SIG: Assuring an International Education
By HER Team
Every year, lakhs of Indian students pack their bags with a dream of studying abroad. However, finding an expert counselor with integrity is one of the biggest challenges for the students while...  more >>

HER Team Orient Spectra: Extending Diverse Services under One Roof
By HER Team
Representing over 400+ Universities around the globe, including major countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, Germany and New Zealand, Orient Spectra is a one-stop solution...  more >>

HER Team Mancomp Overseas Education: Giving Wings to the Dreams of Millennial
By HER Team
At the age of 42 when most people think of settling down and stay content with whatever they have earned in their life, P. Sreedharan with a perpetual spirit came up with the idea of establishing...  more >>

In My View

Dr. Abhijit Sarkar Give a Break to the Growing Skill Gap
By Dr. Abhijit Sarkar
Since Independence, successive Indian governments have had to address a number of key challenges with regard to education policy, which has always formed a crucial part of its development agenda.  more >>

Director's Insights

Gunjan Dhanuka 5 Ways Why Education System Needs to Ensure Safety Measures in the Premises
By Gunjan Dhanuka
In India, most parents fail to look beyond safety in terms of constant chaperonage. Child safety is a growing concern especially at places where parents cannot escort their children such as schools...  more >>

Scholastic Viewpoint

Dr. Deen Dayal Personality Development at College Level
By Dr. Deen Dayal
Personality comes from Latin 'persona' a word meaning 'mask'. It is a derivational word made up of root morpheme ‘person' and derivatives ‘–al'and '-ity' in which suffix '-al' is stem used in...  more >>

Life as an International Student

Nikhil R. S. Finding the 'Happy Me' in Australia
By Nikhil R. S.
My life was not different from my quintessential Malayali brothers. That means, I was educated well and sent to the 'Gulf' to earn Dirham. Although, I did work in Qatar for more than two years as...  more >>

Last Word

Dr. Nina Jacob Gender Disparity in MBA Classrooms: The Road to Women Empowerment
By Dr. Nina Jacob
The domain of business management has traditionally been considered a male-dominated one. An article published on March 8, 2017 in the Hindustan Times reveals that the average percentage of women...  more >>


Sarath Shyam Crossing the Border for a Brighter Future
By Sarath Shyam
With 789 universities, 37,204 colleges and 11,443 stand-alone institutions, Indian higher education system – the second largest in the world – has the capability to enrol more than 70 million...  more >>


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