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K.L. University, Guntur: A Diamond in the Rough

There is an existing belief in the Indian subcontinent that engineering is a dead end course with a bleak or no future. To an extent this may be true as of the million engineering graduates that pour out of engineering colleges year after year, only 10 percent of them are employed. However, there are institutes like K.L. University that focus on producing Industry ready students through its customized curriculum that has been fine tuned over the years in compliance to the industry requirements. Reflecting on its principles, the institute has placed 540 from the 2005-2006 batch, 570 students from the 2006-2007 batch, 847 students in 2011-2012 batch, 930 students 2012-2013 and these increasing figures translate to 100 percent placement over the past seven years. The technology and...

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