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December - 2017 issue

Amrutha Ram

University of Otago: An Exemplary Learning Space for International Students

After heart attack, cancer causes the maximum number of deaths in India. In 2014 alone, 4, 91,598 people diedin the countrydue to cancer and the number is increasing every year.

International University of the Year - 2017

HER Team Torrens University: A Front-Runner in Cultivating Applied Education
By HER Team
Australia's third private university, Torrens University was officially launched by former U.S. President Bill Clinton at the Adelaide Festival Centre on 24 July 2014 with the aim to deliver an...  more >>

HER Team University of Surrey: Intensifying the Experience of International Students
By HER Team
Getting a homelike environment away from home is complete bliss for the one who determines to fly abroad in the pursuit of their dream study programme.  more >>

HER Team International University of the Year -2017
By HER Team
Leaving their nests behind, annually a plethora of dreamers from India manage to land into a foreign country only with a hope of holding a degree from a prestigious international university.  more >>

HER Team Aston University: Assuring Employability on a Global Stage
By HER Team
Situated in the midst of the Britain's second largest city, Birmingham, Aston University was first formed in 1895 as the Birmingham Technical College, which later earned the University status in 1966.  more >>

In My View

Abelardo Pardo The potential of Data-Supported Decision Making in Educational Institutions
By Abelardo Pardo
The ubiquitous presence of technology mediating an increasing number of interactions and processes has translated into a world in which data is everywhere.  more >>

Director's Insights

Dr. Nachamma Sockalingam Technologies in Higher Education
By Dr. Nachamma Sockalingam
Rapid advancements in technology have transformed many spheres of work - be it Business, Finance, or Arts.  more >>

Scholastic Viewpoint

Dr  Shantha Liyanage An Innovative Higher Education System
By Dr Shantha Liyanage
The national education landscape is littered with many organizational types belonging to both private and public sectors.  more >>

mentor's opinion

Dr. Djuwari Education and Collaboration in the Global Era
By Dr. Djuwari
Education and collaboration among the universities, colleges, and schools can be of a great strategy, in terms of equality in education.  more >>

Last Word

Barry O Driscoll Ireland: The Next-Gens' Innovation and Entrepreneurial Hub
By Barry O Driscoll
As a small open trading economy, Ireland depends on excellent and innovative education and training to sustain economic success and to convert economic success into building a strong and fair...  more >>


Sarath Shyam International Universities: Think Twice before Choosing One
By Sarath Shyam
For many intellectuals around the world, India's growing youth population has been a favorite topic to discuss.  more >>


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