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December - 2017 Special issue

Sarath Shyam

Business Management: CATKing

Simplifying the Toughest Test in the Planet
If something is worth acquiring, then it may not be easy to obtain, unless the pursuer is determined to put a lot of efforts and pain. This...

Coaching Institute of the Year-2017

HER Team Coaching Institute of the Year - 2017
By HER Team
While, the mainstream school education system in the country focuses more on subjective education, the entrance examinations, which act as gateways to reputed colleges in the country, demand...  more >>

HER Team Recruitment Exams: Career Desk
By HER Team
A Hub for Ambitious Individuals Banking and Government sector exams are among the most popular career options in India. These exams are highly competitive in nature as every year lakhs of...  more >>

HER Team Engineering & Medicine: ADCC Academy
By HER Team
Shaping the Minds of Budding Aspirants An initiative by educational conglomerate Meghe Group of Institutions (MGI), ADCC Academy was established in 2007 to train students for different...  more >>

HER Team Engineering & Medicine :Centre for Advanced Learning
By HER Team
Modifying the Uniform Definition of Coaching Centre
Established out of a mother's concern towards his son of shifting to another city to undergo coaching for entrance examinations,...  more >>

HER Team Dentistry: Centre for Excellence in Dental Entrance Examinations
By HER Team
To Fetch the Most Coveted Seat
Those who have had the chance of attending the classes of Dr. Raison Thomas, Director, CEDEES, would say that he is man with full of knowledge and...  more >>

HER Team CSE & IFS :Delhi Institute for Administrative Services
By HER Team
The Melting Point of Passion and Commitment
Doing M. Phil in Environmental Science from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi after graduating from the prestigious IIT-Bombay may...  more >>

HER Team Engineering & Medicine :Edupertz
By HER Team
Catalyzing the Young Minds to Achieve the Best
Despite having a large number of engineering aspirants in the country, students from Tamil Nadu are still a minority in the India's...  more >>

HER Team Business Management: Erudite
By HER Team
Making the Best C-Day for Many
On 26th of November 2017, a vibrant lot of resolute youngsters is going to appear for the highly awaited Common Admission Test (CAT).  more >>

HER Team Engineering & Medicine : Reach Academy
By HER Team
Empowering the Rural Students to Compete on a National Stage
Merely mugging up the study materials may not be effective to crack the toughest medical and engineering entrance exams in...  more >>

HER Team Law:Abhyaas EduCorp
By HER Team
Unfolding the Success Mantra
An IIT and NIT alumnus initiative, Abhyaas Educorp was established in 2009 with the mission of providing the young students a clarification regarding their...  more >>

HER Team Design:MAD School
By HER Team
A Front-Runner in the Design Coaching Space
Design in India has matured over the years and is booming. By 2020, the potential market for design in India is expected to be INR 188.32...  more >>

HER Team Engineering :NANO Junior College & IIT Academy
By HER Team
Building a Smart Path for IIT Aspirants
Cracking the prestigious as well as toughest IIT-JEE exam is a dream for almost all students with an engineering bent of mind.  more >>

HER Team Fashion & Design: Gurumantra
By HER Team
Mentoring Creative Minds
Gurumantra is an innovative institute for students who aspire to establish their career in creative fields like design, architecture and fashion.  more >>

Ashwin Sanghi 30 Steps to Beat Stress and Succeed in Exams
By Ashwin Sanghi
Most schools and colleges are busy telling students what they should learn but they never seem to tell them how they should learn.  more >>

HER Team Architecture: Thinc
By HER Team
Creating Future Leaders in Architecture and Designing Until 2014, Thinc was relatively an unknown coaching institute in the field of architecture and design.  more >>

HER Team Chartered Accountant: Virtus Academy
By HER Team
Simplifying the Path of CA Aspirants There is a common notion among the youngsters that clearing Chartered Accountants (CA) examination involves hardships.  more >>

HER Team Engineering & Medicine: Venper Academy
By HER Team
Generating Toppers by Preserving Excellency Being one of the most literate states in India, Tamil Nadu is bestowed with talented students who are ample hard-working and determined to...  more >>

HER Team Chartered Accountant: Sri Sankara Coaching Centre
By HER Team
Offering Value Based Coaching for CA Aspirants
Once Former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru claimed Chennai as the intellectual capital of India and since then the city has been...  more >>

In My View

Col. Rajendra Prasad Nadella How Quality Mentoring and Coaching Can Be Achieved In Training IIT-JEE Aspirants in Rural India
By Col. Rajendra Prasad Nadella
The existence of a stark difference between the Urban India and Rural India shows up every now and then, and it does more so in the education system.  more >>

Expert's View

Ramesh Batlish How Quality Mentoring and Coaching Can Be Achieved In Training IIT-JEE Aspirants in Rural India
By Ramesh Batlish
Preparing for JEE is no easy feat. Right from the start you have to be ever so careful and meticulous in the planning.  more >>

mentor's opinion

Dr. Uday Nath Mishra Holistic Education in Aptitude-based Coaching Institutes would bring out the Best in Students
By Dr. Uday Nath Mishra
A system of teaching that considers all the variables with respect to a person’s being will achieve what it has set out to.  more >>

Last Word

Vivek Bathla Future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning: Field of Education
By Vivek Bathla
From authors of science fiction to movie makers and futurists -- everyone has been making amazing, albeit catastrophic at times, predictions about the widespread of artificial intelligence.  more >>


Sarath Shyam Great Knowledge in Small Packets
By Sarath Shyam
"Entrance coaching is like a 100-meter sprint. If you relax even for a moment, you are out of the competition." I am not sure whether it is a great advice or not, but I heard this more than a...  more >>


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