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December - 2017 Special issue

Sarath Shyam

Emertxe: Making Ready-to-Employ Engineers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

A pioneer institute in Embedded Systems, Linux and IoT training, Emertxe has trained more than 50, 000 students since its inception in 2003. The institute's flagship training centre in Bangalore...

Vocational Education and Training

Riya Das Rustomjee Academy for Global Careers: Enhancing the Employability Quotient of Young India
By Riya Das
While, India is all set to become the youngest nation in the world with its growing working-age population, a report published by the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)...  more >>

Training Institute of the Year 2017

HER Team Training Institute of the Year 2017
By HER Team
Education is a medium that has evolved into a profitable business where there is no dearth of institutions which are solely running for accumulating money from the students instead of enhancing the...  more >>

HER Team CPA & CMA: Miles CPA Review
By HER Team
Acknowledging the Demand of Global Accounting Experts India has many CA professionals, who can handle the global compliance requirements of companies that have a presence in multiple nations.  more >>

HER Team Mundo Latino: Extending the Latin Mores to India
By HER Team
A twirl at the count of seven, fumbled steps and clicking heels is never an intact story of Salsa. Instead, the story has its base with the Latin culture.  more >>

HER Team Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics: Creating Vibrant Community of Visual Artists
By HER Team
India is a home to more than 500 animation studios, which have created blockbuster Hollywood movies like The Jungle book, Life of Pie, Shrek and many more.  more >>

HER Team Engineering Design: IFS Academy
By HER Team
Building Highly Skilled Workforce for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth of Industry Skill development has been conferred a national priority by the leaders of our country,...  more >>

HER Team Big Data & Analytics : Data Brio Academy
By HER Team
A Complete Career Guide for the Data Intelligent Society India is currently among top 10 big data analytics markets in the world and the country is striving to become one among the top...  more >>

HER Team German Language Centre: Exploring the Unconventional Opportunities
By HER Team
'Das Land der Dichter und Denker' or 'the land of poets and thinkers' is a common nickname people of Germany have given to their country.  more >>

HER Team Institute of Foreign Language and Culture: Abolishing the Language Barriers
By HER Team
Whether it is a foreign or an Indian language, most of us have zeal to learn a new language, as we have been living in a multilingual and diverse cultural country.  more >>

HER Team Digital Marketing: Digital Kora
By HER Team
Addressing the Wave of Digital Marketing With the drive of digitization in India being in the full swing, a wide range of job openings are in the pipeline. The launch of  more >>

HER Team ABC for Technology Training: Providing a Unique Learning Experience on the Emerging Technologies
By HER Team
Learning how to code is a valuable skill and for the millennial coders, there have never been more programming languages to choose from.  more >>

Language Training Institute of the Year- 2017

HER Team Language Training Institute of the Year-2017
By HER Team
Aiming at making the Indian economy as the fastest growing economy, the Government of India has adopted 'Globalization', which has brought an unprecedented level of growth in several poor...  more >>

In My View

Zairus Master Significance of Skilling Resources in Today's Volatile Job Industry
By Zairus Master
Rapid technological developments and rising demands of the new skill sets are changing the trends in the hiring industry every year.  more >>

Director's Insights

Siddharth Chaturvedi Boon, Not Burden: How Skill Development Initiatives Are Transforming India's Massive Manpower into an Impressive Workforce
By Siddharth Chaturvedi
Despite being blessed with one of the largest youth populations in the world, our country is struggling to channelize this strength in the right direction to ensure economic growth and an overall...  more >>

Sivaramakrishnan V Key EdTech Trends of 2017 that will continue to Impact Education in 2018
By Sivaramakrishnan V
The Indian Education sector is poised at an interesting juncture – on the one hand, there is a growing focus on achieving learning outcomes, while on the other, technology is being adopted...  more >>

Industry Insights

Pradeep Varma Trend in the Indian education market – Need for Modernization and Innovation
By Pradeep Varma
There are really two ways in which we can look modernization and innovation in the Indian education market. The first is to look at new innovations in pedagogy and teaching methodology such as the...  more >>

Last Word

Adarsh Khandelwal Campus Safety in the USA
By Adarsh Khandelwal
Campus safety is slowly becoming one of the major criteria for picking colleges, especially for international students applying to the US.  more >>


Sarath Shyam The Secret of Productivity: Being Ready for the Big Change
By Sarath Shyam
As students, they measured our productivity in term of the marks we scored on each exam. Now, as employees, they measure our productivity in terms of the number of hours we worked every day and the...  more >>


June 2018

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